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🍰Get the latest and best toss predictions for T20, Test, ODI cricket matches. Find out who will win the toss today? What are the factors which impact toss prediction.

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Who will win the toss today?

đŸŒŗToss is an essential part of any cricket match. The rule of toss before the match dates back to the 19th century when Cricket was invented. Since then it has been the deciding factor for which team will bat or bowl first.

āĻ“Winning the toss is crucial for both the teams as it is likely to impact the outcome of the match. At cricketbetting, you can get a toss prediction for all the matches to plan your bets accordingly.

đŸŧYou might be wondering whether we predict the outcome of the toss coin? Not really because that would be absurd. Any cricket betting site who gives the prediction for the coin outcome is misleading you to sound attractive and experienced. So, what exactly is the toss prediction for a match if you may ask?

Today Toss Prediction

✨The toss prediction usually takes about 1-2 sentences to sum up the prediction but a lot more than that goes into the analysing and finalising the prediction.

āļŖHere are some of the factors to check before making a toss prediction for any cricket match:

Pitch Conditions

❀The pitch conditions play a vital role in taking a decision to bat or bowl first. The captains tend to choose batting first if the track is hard and the ball is expected to come on to the bat nicely. By batting first, you can put the chasing team under pressure of the target.

📖If the pitch looks slow then the captain will look to bat first as the pitch conditions deteriorate as the match proceeds and batting in the 2nd innings becomes a little difficult.

Weather Conditions

đŸ”ĨWeather conditions are another important factor to influence captain’s decision to bat or bowl first. If the rain has occurred and made the pitch damp then the captain is likely to choose to bowl first as batting becomes difficult and the toss winner can take advantage.

𒈔The overcast weather conditions help the fast bowlers to seam or swing the ball and make things difficult for the batters. In such circumstances, the captain will choose to ball first after winning the toss.

𝄹If the weather is dry and sunny then the winning captain is likely to bat first as the batting is easier in such conditions and the team can put up a high-scoring total on the board for the chasing team.

🙈Dew factor is also another important weather condition factor which prompts the captains to choose to bowl first as the dew comes on the grass in the later part of the day. The presence of dew on the grass makes it difficult for the bowlers to grip the ball well and it also results in sloppy fielding with the wet ball.

Team Line-up

đŸŦThe team composition also plays a crucial part in deciding to bat or bowl. If the team has a strong bowling line-up then the captain will choose to bowl first. Similarly, if the batting department is strong against the rival team then the captain will choose to put some runs on the board by batting first.

Captain’s Toss History

āļŖThe decision of toss also depends upon the captain’s preferences. It is how a captain looks at the game and wants to approach it usually. Some captains believe batting first is the advantage and others may always want to have a target to chase.

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Why is toss prediction important?

đŸŒēWhen it comes to cricket betting, the toss prediction can be quite helpful to plan the bets. A lot of research goes behind the toss prediction which is provided by our experts. An expert analyses all the circumstances of the game to determine the outcome of the toss.

🅰The toss prediction can give an idea how the game can unfold by looking at the pitch and weather conditions. With an early toss prediction, you can get the best odds price to bet on. Once the toss is done, the value for many of the cricket betting markets fluctuates.

T20, IPL, CPL, Cricket World Cup Toss Prediction

✃As mentioned earlier, we try to cover all cricketing action from around the world. We have all the popular and latest cricket t20 leagues under our radar.

đŸŧIPL is the biggest t20 cricket league in the world which takes place every year in the months of March-April-May. We cover each and every match of the IPL every year and provide detailed analysis with toss predictions.

đŸŦJust like IPL, many other T20 leagues and tournaments take place in various cricketing nations with a number of cricket stadiums. Each cricket stadium is distinctive in its own way with different kinds of pitches and playing conditions. Our experts have knowledge of almost all the cricket venues to provide the best toss predictions for matches.

Frequently Asked Questions on Toss Prediction

đŸŦGet answers to 'What' & 'How' of the world of online cricket betting.

  • How to predict toss in Cricket?

    ♎Predicting the outcome of a toss coin is certainly impossible but predicting a toss in cricket is possible. The toss prediction is an important factor to predict a cricket match. You can predict the outcome of the toss prediction by analysing the weather conditions, pitch conditions, venue history, captain’s preferences, playing 11 quality, etc.

  • What is IPL toss prediction?

    𝐆The toss in the IPL matches takes place almost around 30 mins before the match starts. IPL toss predictions can be made by checking the pitch report, weather conditions, playing 11, ground history. We try to make things easier for and provide toss prediction along with every IPL match prediction. You can check out the toss prediction for every match on our prediction page.

  • Which league toss with the bat?

    🅠Australia’s T20 league - Big Bash League started tossing with the cricket bat from the 2018-19 season. They broke the tradition which is almost 150 years old and tried to do something new. In the bat toss, the captains call for ‘hills’ or ‘flats’ instead of ‘heads’ or ‘tails’.