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Cricket Betting Guide

Check in depth guide to Cricket Betting including How to Download, Register, Login Apps for top be💜tting sites.

Latest Cricket News

Stay updated with latest news, alerts and info on pla💞yers, teams, upcoming tournaments. Get daily news, stay informed and m🐎ake the right predictions with us.

About Cricket Betting

Betting in the earlier days was done by appr🌺oaching the bookmaker (bookie), where you can place your bet with him and then wait for the match's outcome. With the advent of the internet, betting has transformed a lot over the years. Online sports betting has changed the betting world and made it a billion-dollar industry.

As far as cricket betting is concerned, online cricket betting has witnessed an influx of millions of bettors worldwide. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and introducing new shorter formats in the game has increased its betting market value by huge numbers. ...

Betting on cric﷽ket can be a complicated process if you're a beginner; that is where we come into play. Our website provides a comprehensive study on all aspects of cricket betting that can help you master the art of cricket betting.

icc2win.com was started in 2013 to enlighten cri𒀰cket enthusiasts about safe bettin🍃g on their favorite sport. As you explore our website, you will find detailed information about cricket betting tips, match predictions, top online betting sites & sports betting apps, and dedicated pages explaining features like live streaming, live betting, mobile betting, etc.

In short, our website is your one-stop platform for all your cricket betting needs.

Sections Covered At icc2win.com

Online Cricket Betting Sites

Our review pages give a complete guide to the Cricket Betting Sites, including the overvi♐ew, latest bonuses and offers, availability of payment modes, and all the features explained, along with the customer support contact and frequently asked questions. Each bookmaker review page is interlinked with its 'how to place a be��t' page, where you can find the in-depth details of the betting procedure and the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Today's Cricket Match Predictions

We are moving on to the main essence of icc2win.com, Today's Cricket Match Predictions. Modern-day cricket has hundreds of leagues taking place in different nations. Ou𝕴r team of experts provides daily match predictions and aims to cover almost all the matches happening worldwide. All the predictions go live within 24-48 hours before the match starts. We folloꦑw all the crucial match prediction points essential for placing profitable bets.

Cricket Betting Odds

Dig deep into the complete knowledge of the Cricket betting odds. This can be helpful to beginners who want to know what the betting odds are and how they work, different types of odds formats - F▨ractional, decimal, and American odds- and how they work, as well as the imp🐟ortance of betting odds.

How To Bet On Cricket Online?

We have dedicated pages for each betting site to explain the complete process of How To Bet On Cricket Online. Placing a bet can be confusing for some, mainly amateur bettors. We present in-depth details regarding the sign-up process, placing bet, deposit an෴d withdrawal process, methods, a📖nd customer support.

Cricket Leagues and Tournaments

We have a range of Cricket tournaments and leagues covered on our website. No tournament is small or un𓄧popular for us. We cover almost all cricket events, irrespective of their popularity. All the upcoming and recent matches are displayed on the homepage, and you can browse our 'tournaments' section if you are looking for any other game.

Some of the leagues and tournaments included i♕💛n our wide range are -

ICC Men's T20 World Cup

The T20 World Cup is the top cricket event in the T20 format, and it takes place every two years. For some reason, it faced a long break of 5 years between 2016 and 2021. Currently, England is the champion of the T20 World Cup. Cri🧔cke🍃t fans worldwide watch this ICC mega event due to the participation of various international teams. The next T20 World Cup will take place in 2024.

The Ashes

A Test Series played between Australia and England, The Ashes is not just a rage among punters from the UK and Australia but also among🦹 punters from other cricket-playing countries. All cricket fans across the globe largely follow this 𒐪series due to the long history of cricket rivalry between these two champion teams. A 5-test series, the Ashes has a significant bet market, with huge bets mainly from England and Australia.

Champions Trophy

The Champions Trophy is played between the top 8 cricket teams with the highest ranking and thus is often termed a mini World Cup due to the presence of only the top-ranking teams. With the best teams and players in great form comp💧eting against each other, this series has bec𒀰ome quite a sensation among fans and punters who are invested in the journey of the highest ranking and best cricket squads from countries like Australia, India, Pakistan, West Indies, England, Sri Lanka, and other champions sides.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Popularly known as IPL, this T20 league was started in India in 2008 and has become the top cricket league in the world. IPL is the world's 2nd most valuable sporting league after the NFL. IPL is followed and watched by cricket fans around the wo𓂃rld. It is also the most wagered cricket league, as more than 70 matches occur over 50 days. The long cr🗹icket fest witnesses a high influx of online bettors.

IPL features ten franchise teams based out of 10 different cities in India. Hundreds of international and domestic players have become a part of this biggest T20 league. The importance of IPL has made it a considerable cricket betting event across all online bookmakers. The number of live bettors increased more than the average number during the IPL season, which is why many brands also offer IPL-exclusive🐷 promotions.

Each IPL match opens a minimum of 60-70 betting markets. The Top IPL Betting Apps provi🍌de a comprehensive betting ex🤡perience for its users.

Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

The success of West Indies in the T20 World Cups gave rise to the CPL, a Caribbean tournament for cricket lovers and a favorite among domestic bet makers. It started in ൲2013, and since then, every July 6, the team has played against each other to win the tournament. This tournament has a group stage that teams must clear to enter the knockout stage and finally emerge victorious.

Pakistan Super League (PSL)

PSL is the homegrown T20 league ▨of Pakistan, which was started in 2016. Over the years, it has gained much popularity among cricket fans. PSL takes place every year around January-February. Six franchise teams from six different cities participate in the HBL PSL. All six teams have won the PSL trophy at least once, which makes the league much more exciting as the competition is stiff. Being a part of the sub-continent cricket, PSL is watched and loved by millionsಌ of fans.

Big Bash League (BBL)

An Australian T20 Cri🍨ck🥀et Tournament, the Big Bash League is a domestic league played between Australian State teams like Sydney Sixers, Melbourne Stars, Brisbane Heat etc. Though it's more of a club match between domestic states, teams include national and international players. It's not just the bookmakers of Australia who find themselves very busy during the season of Big Bash League, but global sportsbooks like 1xBet and others find punters investing in the Big Bash League cricket bet market.

Bookmakers like 1xBet are known to offer match odds, in-play, betting tips, etc., for aওll of the above major cricket tournaments for online betting.

Vitality T20 Blast

A n🍨ewly formed T20 series of England and Wales, featuring 18 clubs creating two separate divisions of 9, Vitality T20 Blast is slowly gaining fame after it took over Friends Life T20 in 2014. Fans can en🔜joy some crispy English T20 cricket every year from May to July. Although the T20 style of cricket started its journey from England only, Vitality has yet to blast it out on international levels. Primarily subjected to local bet makers, Vitality, due to its popularity among other cricket nations, also sees punters placing bets worldwide, thus making bookmakers offer wide betting odds.

The Hundred

The Hundred is a one-of-a-kind limited-overs league started by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Each innings is limited to 100 balls, and the total time length of a match remains two and a half hours. This league has gained huge popularity since its first edition. The league is introduced as both men's and women's verꦆs♍ions with equal prize money.

Super Smash

One of the oldest T20 leagues, Super Smash, was started in New Zealand in 2005. The league has a 𝓀round-robin format. Super Smash has existed since the beginning of the T20 f💞ormat, and the league has become quite popular in the international circuit.

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

BPL has occurred every year in November and💃 December since its formation in 2012. It is very famous, and players worldwide try to get auctioned and be a part of any of the seven teams of the league. All these teams represent the famous cities of Bangladesh, another cricket-loving country, and the betting odds are se🎐t mainly by bookmakers in accordance with the T20 format bet market.

CSA Provincial T20 Cup

The longest-running🥃 T20 tournament in South Africa has been entertaining cricket enthusiasts s💯ince 2003. Six teams play from November to December to win the championship. The excitement of the T20 format has now put CSA on the map of online cricket betting among many bookmaker sites.

SA20 T20 League

SA20 is a new T20 cricket league established in South A𝔍frica. It replaced the previous Mzansi Super League. The first edition of SA20 took place in January-February 2023, and it was a hit inaugural season. Six teams are featured in the SA20 league, and all the teams are owned by some IPL team owners. Cricket is quite popular in South Africa, and with the introduction of SA20, many yﷺoung domestic talent will show up.

International League T20

International League T20, also known as ILT20, started in UAE. T20 cricket has grown in popularity in this region as it hosted some big tournaments like IPL, Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, etc., ove𓂃r the last few years. UAE has some of the top cricket stadiums, such as Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Dubai International Cricket Stadium, and Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. The ILT20 hosts matches in these top-class stadiums, and millions of cricket fans loved and watched the first season in 2023.

Cricket Betting Tips

We have complete cricket betting tips for you to level up your betting game. You can get familiar with all the online and cricket betting knowledge🃏. We provide the predictions for the match and the study behind our predictions. Our experts have immense knowledge of the game, so we cover all the details for every match. From pitch reports, weather conditions, toss predictions to in-form players, head-to-head stats, match-winning odds, and Dream11 predictions, we have it all covered for our users.

What Are Top Cricket Betting Markets?

There can be around a hundred betting markets in a single cricket match. For the users, the betting site offering them many betting markets will always be preferable. Many such brands in the market offer a long list of betting markets𝓰. Some of the standard betting markets in cricket are:

Match winner: The top-most bet in cricket betting is the match-winner bet. It is famous among crick💖et fans and punters. You can place bets on the outcome of the match result. If you play live betting during an ongoing match, you can place bets on the fluctuating live odds for the match winner. The live odds change with the circumstances of the game.

Toss winner: This bet is purely based on luck and has🍒 nothing to do with the players' performances. As one team captain wins the toss and the other loses, you can place your bet on one team to win the toss.

Total wickets taken: It is another famous bet where you can place bets on more or less than a given number of wickets. You have to predict the more or less wickets than 🦩the given number. You can bet on wickets taken in each innings or total wickets in a match.

Total runs scored: Similar to the Total Wickets bet; you can also place bets on more or less than the given nu▨mber of total runs for each innings or a total of runs scored in both innings.

Leading run scorer: From a list of players, you can bet on any player who can be the leading run-scorer of the match. If you know about the in-form player and the playing conditions, you can try your besꦕt at this bet.

Leading wicket-taker: You can bet on any bowler who you think can be the leading🃏 wicket-taker of the match.

First ball outcome: As the name sugge🧜sts, You have to guess the outcome of the first ball of the innings. You will be given options with their odds and can place a bet on one. Options can be - dot ball, one run, two runs, four, six, out, wide ball, no ball, etc. The outcome with a six or four or a wicket will have a maximum odds price.

Mode of dismissal for the 1st wicket: You can choose a mode of dismissal for the first wicket of the innings. You can🌼 be more optimistic about placing this bet if you know the player's weakness or the kind of pitch conditions.

Total score by a batsman: While placin𒊎g bets in a live betting, you will get the predicted scores of batsmen on the crease. You can bet whether a particular batsman will score more or less than the given number.

Total runs in 6 overs, 12 overs, 20 overs: This market is💦 quite famous among the bettors. You have to predict more or less than the given score in the sessions, i.e., six overs, 🦩ten overs, 12 overs, 20 overs, and so on.

Player of the Match: You can win this bet by predicting the Man of the Match from a list♌ of players. Every player has their odds.

Outrights/Future Bets: Outright betting or future betting is also a famous method where you can place bets on any team you can predict will be the tournament winner. You will get a 🎐list of all the participating teams with their odds. Once the tournament starts, the odds fluctuate depending on the ꦐteam's performance.

Best Payment Methods for Cricket Betting Sites


Cryptocurrency is becoming famous, and Bitcoin payments have become a thing in modern-day payments. Many cricket betting sites offer Bitcoin payment for depositing and withdrawing funds from the betting account𒉰. The most significant advantage of using cryptocurrencies is that they function swiftly. Other than the famous Bitcoin, other cryptos can be used in cricket betting sites, such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, 💝etc.


The American-based payment platform is one of the oldest modes of electronic payme🦹nts. It is a famous payment platform among online bettors. PayPal has a user-friendly interface along with helpful customer support. The only co🃏n related to this payment method is that it is only available at some of the online bookmakers.


It is one of the most popular e-wallet services used by online bettors worldwide. Neteller is available in over 180 countries, has 16 languages, and supports around 28 currencies. Neteller can also be used to make secure international payments. Neteller is famous among online punters due to its insta꧟nt transfer of sending or receiving payments.


Skrill is another e-wallet platform that is famous among online punters. It was founded in 2001 in the UK⛎. Many online betting sites support Skrill, and the credit goes to its hassleꦅ-free functioning. It has garnered more than 35 million users till now. Skrill accepts all the major currencies like Euro, AUD, USD, CAD, GBP and JPY.

VISA & MasterCard

Very rarely will you find a cricket betting site that doesn't offer Visa or🎃 M🔜astercard in the payment methods. These two are the widely known payment methods. Visa and Mastercard payment networks are based on many debit or credit cards.

Net Banking

A bank transfer or IMPS transfer is a transacti🌞on between two bank accounts. While the transactions are primarily instant in IMPS, they require the user's ban🐈k details. Make sure to check the safety and security of the betting site before sharing your bank details.

Cricket Betting Apps

With the age of technology, online betting has transformed into mobile betting. With the betting apps, you can bet anytime, anywhere. The high-speed internet connections 😼will always keep you updated on the live odds, especially during the live betting when the action is underway. Some of the✅ major sports betting apps also offer live streaming of sports.

We provide a detailed study of the top cricket betting apps, which you can refer to while choosing a betting app perfectlജy suited to yo🐠ur needs.

All the top cricket betting sites now have app verꦉsions for Android and iOS devices.

Top 10 Online Cricket Betting Sites

  • Parimatch App - Best Cricket Betting App
  • 1xBet App - Large Cricket Betting Markets
  • 10Cric App - Designed For Cricket Lovers
  • Dafabet App - Variety of Payment Methods
  • 1xBit App - Ease of using Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency
  • Fun88 App - Big Sports Bonuses
  • Casumo App - Wide array of sports betting

Online Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

It is important to understand the game itself t♛o place bets because you need to know what is happening in the field to kꦉnow what to do with the betting market.

Right cricket betting strategies largely comprise your decision-making ability. Here are a few do's and don'ts of online cricket bettin𝓡g:

Know your team form.

You must know the history of the team you are betting on to ensure your bets are correct. Ensure you understand the team's stats regarding games played, won, and lost against the opponent and other teams in the last 3-5 ma🐻tches.

Follow the player's form.

Following the form status of the player you wish to bet on, in terms of scoring high, scoring a century, or taking maximum wickets, is crucial. Blindly placing a bet on a player on the betting market, ignoring that💟 he hasn't hit a 50 in the last few games or has been a♊n expensive bowler in recent matches, would mean a bet gone wrong.

Pitch Report matters

⛄Despite a team being in its form, the match result could be waived if it loses the toss in a field where the pitch favors those who bat first or 📖ball first. That's where your betting decision must be calculated once more.

Compare the best odds with top bookmakers.

Every bookmaker has the same bet odds, but studying the pattern of odds on the betting market you wish to put money on would give you ൩an error-proof result. When you know multiple bookmakers feel the odds for a particular bet market are low; chances are following their instincts would result in a winning bet. Check which bookmaker has what odds for the match result, the winning side, and other bet markets before you decide.

Ongoing and Upcoming Cricket Series & Leagues

C🔯overing predictions & previews on top Cricket ♊Tournaments; get match odds & updates on all One Day, Test & T20 Tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to 'What' & 'Ho𝓰w' of the world of online cricket 🔯betting.

  • How to Bet on Cricket Online?

    The following steps will guide y▨ou through the process of betting on cricket online:

    • Find a good cricket betting website (bookmaker/sportsbook).
    • Sign up and create your betting account with that website.
    • Choose from the available payment options and deposit money into your betting account.
    • Select 'Cricket' from the website's menu and choose a match/series/tournament you wish to bet on.
    • Choose from the different betting markets like Match Winner, Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Man of the Match etc.
    • Pick your bet, enter the amount of money (stake) in the bet slip generated and hit the 'Place Bet' button to confirm your bet.
  • Which is the best cricket betting site?

    Here are the top onlin༺e cricket betting sites in 2024:

    • 1xBet - Exclusive bonuses & promotions
    • Parimatch - Best cricket betting app
    • 10Cric - Cricket centric betting site
    • Dafabet - Large cricket betting markets
    • 1xBit - Bet on cricket with bitcoin
    • Fun88 - Various payment methods
  • Which is the best app for cricket betting?

    There is an influx of betting apps in the market these da🐭ys. We have narrowed down the top cricket🐻 betting apps for 2024:

    • 1xBet App
    • Parimatch App
    • 10Cric App
  • How cricket betting works?

    The betting sites offer more than 60-70 betting markets on a single cricket match. You🔯 can place bets before the match starts or when the match is underway, which is called live betting.

    Every betting market has♎ a range of odds and you can click on the odds to place your bet then wait for the outcome.

    Among the top cricket betting markets, there is - match winner, toss winner, leading run scorer, leading wicket taker, total runs in 1st innings, total runs in 2nd innings, totals runs in a match, 1st wicket over, 1ܫst wicket dismissal method.

    Other than betting on the matches, you caꦿn bet on the team which ca൩n win the tournament. These types of bets are called outrights or future bets.

  • How long does it take to withdraw from Cricket Betting Sites?

    The withdrawal time depends on the mode of payment you have chosen to withdraw your winnings. In some methods it takes up to 3-4 days while some paymen𒆙t methods take a few hours only. Make sure to verify your account successfully before withdrawing. You will not be able to withdraw from your betting account without completing verificati𒈔on or KYC process.

  • How to choose a cricket betting site?

    You should look for the following before signing up 𝓡and creating a betting account with a bookmake🎐r:

    First and foremost, the website must have a ꦗlegal license to operate in your country and must have cricket in its sports betting section.

    It should be among th🍌e reputed and established names in the onlꦰine betting industry.

    The site should offer convenient and secure deposit/withdrawal options. Be sure to check that it offers multiple modes of payment like e-wallets and not just the usual bank🌠 wire t▨ransfers.

    It should cover a wide range of cricket tourna🐲ments and not offer only a limited number of betting marke✨ts.

    Yo📖u should ensure that you are being offered the best odds on your bet by comparing those odds with other popular bookmakers.

  • What are Odds in Cricket Betting and How Do They Work?

    Odds in the world of cricket betting represent the 💧likelihood or probability of the occurrence of an outcome. They also t🐻ell how much the punter would get in return upon winning his/her bet.

    To make it more clear, let's take an example of an India-England ODI match. Suppos🐼e a bookmaker is offering odds of 1.90 on England to win the match. So the chances of England winning the match can be calculated with the formula:

    Probability of winning = 1 / decimal odds

    This means that the chances of England winning t💖he match are:

    1 / 1.90 = 0.5263 = 52.63%

    Now if you place a $10 bet on England to win the match at 💯odds of 1.90, the amount that you will win if England win☂s can be calculated by the simple formula:

    Winnings = (Stake * Odds) - Stake

    So, you will be making a profit of (10 * 1.90) - 10 = $9 for a total payout of☂ $19 on your $10 bet on England.

  • How to Create an Account on a Cricket Betting Site?

    Creatiꦉng a betting 🥂account with a bookmaker is very easy.

    • Simply head over to the site on which you want to place your bets. We recommend 1xbet, 10cric, Parimatch due to their sheer reputation and reliability.
    • Once you are at your favourite cricket betting site, click on the button that may read Join Now, Sign Up or Open Account.
    • You will then be taken to a screen with a registration form asking you to fill in your personal details like your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, country of residence and currency in which you will be depositing money into your account.
    • At this stage, you will also be required to set up your username and password.
    • After completing the form and checking all the details you just filled in, click on the confirmation button which will take you to the screen confirming that your account has been created.